Video Resources

Kids Can Teach Themselves

Video by Sugata Mitra, Ted Prize Winner 2013

How Schools Kill Creativity

Great video by Sir Ken Robinson

15 Second Search Tips from Google

Great resources that kids can use easily to improve their search on the web.

Why It is Important to Share Content

Another good video to show to your students about Open Educational Resources

Why Open Education Matters

Great video to show your students

Blogging Presentation

Web Search Strategies

Helpful video showing students how to search effectively. These videos are made by Common Craft 

Protecting Reputations Online

Students need to know how to protect their reputation online. They make silly mistakes when they are young and put damaging pictures up that never disappear.

Avoiding Plagarism

Good video to show to students who sometimes plagarize without even knowing it.

What is Creative Commons?

A great video explaining Creative Commons and copyright

What is Project Based Learning?

Here is a video that explains Project Based Learning

The Power of Project Based Learning

What It Takes to Be a Leader

A well known film, based on a true story, which shows what it takes to be a real leader.  You need to be a bit wacky and not be afraid of standing out. 

Teaching Without Words

21st Century Literacy YouTube Channel

Our official YouTube channel. View videos about 21st century concepts and skills here.