Appendix 11 Google Search Tools

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Appendix 11: Google Search Tools7


Search images, video: (or click the links at the top of the page)






Exclude words:

[salsa -tomatoes] searches for salsa without tomatoes. Might also find pages about salsa dancing, or music! Find entire phrase:



["I have a dream"] Looks for that exact string of words. Use sparingly, as this limits your search results. Definitions:



[define:moa] finds definition for moa (its an extinct flightless bird) Restrict search to certain site:



[Maybach] search for Maybach just at cars Find a type of file:



[brainstorm filetype:PDF] finds PDF's with brainstorm in them Find information within a url:



[site: iphone]search for information about iphone only in the website Find sites that link to another site:



[link:] what are the other websites that have a link to the site you are looking for? Synonyms:



[~car]searches with similar words Restrict results, with choices (either/or):



[ vacation (london OR paris) ] find vacations in london or france Price range: (special note: only 2 dots, NOT 3... )



[ DVD player $50..$200 ] find DVD players that cost between $50 and $200 Find databases:



[algae database] searches for databases about algae Weather:



[weather 94306] the weather in palo alto, ca

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Stock Quotes:

[GOOG] (stock ticker name) Time in another city:



[time athens, greece] enter time, city Sports scores:



[Indiana Pacers] shows latest games scores Calculator:



[34+678=] does the calculation Book:



[Jane Austen] finds books by this author Unit conversions:



[seconds in 5 minutes] does the conversion Spelling:



[conciept] asks "Did you mean conceipt?" Local information:



[Vietnamese food 94306] shows a list of vietnamese restaurants in the zip code Movie information:



[movies 94306] lists movies playing in the area Flight Status:



[American Airlines 126] gives flight status information Convert Currency:



[100 dollars in pesos] does the conversion Enter area code to find location:



[650] tells you the geographic location



Here are a couple more websites that will give you further information about even more Google Search Tools:





Reference: Google for Educators