Film Critics' Guidelines

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Robert Greenman is a writer, educator and speaker with major interests in journalism education, vocabulary acquisition, and education in general. All three interests are combined in his two current vocabulary enrichment guides, Words That Make a Difference and More Words That Make a Difference, with illustrative passages from The New York Times and the Atlantic Monthly, respectively. He co-authored the second book with his wife, Carol.

Since the early 1970’s Bob has been a newspaper in education consultant for The New York Times, producing and editing Times curriculum guides, and presenting Times workshops and talks to teachers, students, and other audiences. Two of his Times curriculum guides were devoted to new ways to teach vocabulary. His curriculum guide, Using The New York Times as Your Journalism Textbook, is used nationwide. 
This is a great handout by Bob Greenman of the New York Times about how to write restaurant reviews
Bob taught high school and college English and journalism, and advised student publications, for 30 years, all in Brooklyn, New York. After one-semester stints at Boys High School and Prospect Heights High School, he taught at James Madison High School for 23 years and at Edward R. Murrow High School for six years. During his high school teaching career, and after, he was an adjunct instructor in English and journalism at Kingsborough Community College, a division of the City University of New York. 

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