Reviews Appendix B: Restaurant Reviewer’s Checklist

Appendix description or content:

Collect the following information, and add comments where useful, during your visit to the restaurant.  Fold this form into a math book, put it in your lap or take it with you on a bathroom visit — do whatever it takes (short of lying, if you are questioned directly) to avoid the employees understanding what you’re doing.



ü     Restaurant name:                                             Web page:

ü     Address:                                                             Hours:

ü     Phone:                                                                Dress code:

ü     Type (Asian, burgers, etc.):                             Credit cards:

ü     Describe the neighborhood:

ü     Owner’s name:                                                

ü     Manager’s name:

ü     Chef’s name:

ü     Tell the story of the restaurant.  When did it first open?  Who opened it?  Why?  How has it done since then? (To get this, you may have to interview a manager or owner — something best undertaken AFTER your first visit to the restaurant.)



 What’s your mood like as you enter the restaurant?  Are you feeling grumpy? Overly hungry? These things can make a difference.

Do you have any biases against the kind of food you’re about to eat? Against the restaurant?  You’ll want to control these or come back another time.


The scene

  What does it look like outside of the restaurant?

  Your first impressions of the inside?  Note physical details, décor, atmosphere)

  What is the auditory environment like? (Any music? What’s the noise level like?)

  Describe the physical layout (how many rooms? tables? spacing between tables?

  Describe the waiting area

  Describe the testrooms

  Describe the clientele? (Nationality, class, age, gender, other?)



  What does the printed menu look like? Is there a theme? Easy to understand?

  Is it skimpy? Extensive? A wide range of choices? (Describe appetizers, drinks and desserts in addition to salads/soups and entrees)

  Range in cost?  Are the prices reasonable?

  Are choices/prices comparable to other local restaurants?


Quality of food  (Note each of the following for EACH dish)

  Physical description (moist, flakey, peppery, mushy)

  Serving size (large, small, etc.)?

  Speed of preparation

  Consistency in style?


Service (Describe your experience with each of the following)


  Waiting time


  Waitresses/Waiters (Number of table visits/nature of table visits)