Reviews Appendix B: Restaurant Reviewer’s Checklist

Appendix description or content:

Collect the following information, and add comments where useful, during your visit to the restaurant.  Fold this form into a math book, put it in your lap or take it with you on a bathroom visit — do whatever it takes (short of lying, if you are questioned directly) to avoid the employees understanding what you’re doing.



ü     Restaurant name:                                             Web page:

ü     Address:                                                             Hours:

ü     Phone:                                                                Dress code:

ü     Type (Asian, burgers, etc.):                             Credit cards:

ü     Describe the neighborhood:

ü     Owner’s name:                                                

ü     Manager’s name:

ü     Chef’s name:

ü     Tell the story of the restaurant.  When did it first open?  Who opened it?  Why?  How has it done since then? (To get this, you may have to interview a manager or owner — something best undertaken AFTER your first visit to the restaurant.)



❍  What’s your mood like as you enter the restaurant?  Are you feeling grumpy? Overly hungry? These things can make a difference.

❍ Do you have any biases against the kind of food you’re about to eat? Against the restaurant?  You’ll want to control these or come back another time.


The scene

❍   What does it look like outside of the restaurant?

❍   Your first impressions of the inside?  Note physical details, décor, atmosphere)

❍   What is the auditory environment like? (Any music? What’s the noise level like?)

❍   Describe the physical layout (how many rooms? tables? spacing between tables?

❍   Describe the waiting area

❍   Describe the testrooms

❍   Describe the clientele? (Nationality, class, age, gender, other?)



❍   What does the printed menu look like? Is there a theme? Easy to understand?

❍   Is it skimpy? Extensive? A wide range of choices? (Describe appetizers, drinks and desserts in addition to salads/soups and entrees)

❍   Range in cost?  Are the prices reasonable?

❍   Are choices/prices comparable to other local restaurants?


Quality of food  (Note each of the following for EACH dish)

❍   Physical description (moist, flakey, peppery, mushy)

❍   Serving size (large, small, etc.)?

❍   Speed of preparation

❍   Consistency in style?


Service (Describe your experience with each of the following)

❍   Reservations

❍   Waiting time

❍   Greeting

❍   Waitresses/Waiters (Number of table visits/nature of table visits)