Reviews Appendix C: Finding Sample Restaurant Reviews

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Professional models


The most high-interest restaurant reviews for your students are likely in your local daily and weekly newspapers, but if you’re looking for something special, you might try visiting  the nonprofit James Beard Foundation ( gives awards for food writing.  The 2009 winner in the “restaurant reviews” category was Adam Platt of New York Magazine.  Links to his winning reviews are here:


Faux French


The Mario of Midtown


Corton on Hudson



Also consider exploring the work of LA Weekly critic Jonathan Gold, who in 2007 won the first Pulitzer prize for food criticism.  Here is a link to his Pulitzer-winning works:



Student models


Here are links to a few reviews produced by students at Palo Alto High School using the methods demonstrated in this unit:


Gelato Classico a tasty staple of Palo Alto community


Love L'Amour: Delectable frozen yogurt cafe emphasizes power of choice


New eco-friendly frozen yogurt establishment lost in the crowd


Do you fondue?


Asian noodle soup satisfies on coldest of days


Philz provides coffee lovers with satisfying, extensive selection


Oaxacan Kitchen's vivid dishes dazzle palates