Handout: How to Write a Personality Feature

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Personality Feature





LEAD:You need a lead that runs from 35-75 words.  You decide what kind of lead depending on the information you get and the story itself.  Remember that the lead is like a HOOK.  It catches your reader.  The types of feature leads include the following: descriptive, narrative, short snappy statement, allusion. There are others as well that we have talked about.


QUOTE should follow the lead and relate to the lead.  In general, you should have a pattern that is like this: quote/text/quote/text



BODY OF THE STORY must follow the lead.  The information must be related to the lead.  The focus includes NO OTHER information other than information related to the focus. Use present day information first and then back up into background information.  It is sort of like a flashback for background information.







·      Always identify your person by grade level the first time they are    mentioned.

·      Use last name only after you first give their name

·      Always use the pattern “he said.”

·      Do not use partial quotes.

·      All quotes should contain opinion of some kind or they will be boring.

·      Do not quote facts.

·      Features and news do not contain any opinion unless that opinion is quoted so if you want opinion in your article, then quote someone saying it.

·      Never include yourself in the article; so never said, “he told me during the interview.

·      Develop your focus completely which means asking good indepth questions.

·      If you do not have a focus, or if you have lots of bits of information, then you must re-interview.

·      Put in a paragraph whenever the text seems dense