News Appendix 2: Netiquette-poor version of press conference invite

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(If you choose to have your students write their own version of this letter – that would be a good opportunity for them to review some rules of letter writing etiquette and netiquette.)




Yo chief:


Would you be willing to talk with us — IN PRESS

CONFERENCE FORMAT — with during the second week of April.


So, we’re studying how to spy on people and write TRUE LIFE  stories about them. Before you get here, we’re going to get the goods on you. Then, when the press conference starts, watch out. You get five minutes first, and then we ask ALL the questions.  Pretty much anything we want. Then we write it all up, and publish some stories about you.  Oh, and we’ll probably video you, too, and post that on our Facebook pages.


We’re pretty much available any time during the second week of April, as long as the class is meeting, so if you send us a list of your available times during April we can try to set something up.  Maybe you can add us as an observer on your Google calendar or something like that.  That would help!


I’ll probably forward this to everyone in my class as a BCC, so mind your Ps and Qs.


As soon as you get back to us, we can get this show on the road. THIS IS GOING TO BE SO GREAT. LOL!


Your friend,


Penny Forurthots

Springfield High School