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OER Repository New Zealand


  • Location: Based in New Zealand
  • Subjects:
    • ICT 2
    • NZIM Certificate in Management
    • Building and construction
  • License: cc by-sa (see)




  • Location: Netherlands
  • Goal: to establish an international, self-supporting and multilingual community for open content educational material for adults. The focus is on practical information that people can benefit from in daily life.
  • License: divers, but all open content
  • Subjects: operating systems, computer applications, languages, webdesign, business


[edit]Open Planner


  • Location: New York, NY
  • Goal: To provide a space for teachers to join curriculum teams and collaboratively build cohesive original curriculum: lessons couched in units couched in year-long course plans, with a focus on discussing pedagogy. We also hope to partner with existing PD communities, giving teachers a place to continue their discussion/collaboration once the in-person PD is over.
  • License: cc by-nc-sa
  • Subjects: all


[edit]OWL Institute


  • Launched: 2002
  • Location: Based in Duluth, Minnesota with international membership
  • Goal: Research, develop and distribute OER; collaborative course and curriculum development and distribution.
  • License: cc
OWL Portal (Moodle portal, in beta release) (non-commercial use only)
OER Portal (Drupal portal) (non-commercial use only)
  • Subjects: PreK to Post-secondary. For teachers, homeschoolers, and OER enthusiasts.




  • Launched: March 2006; moved learning object repository to current site in February 2007.
  • Description: caters for interactive learning objects ("quizzes") with pedagogical depth.
  • Subjects: all.
  • Educational levels: primary, secondary, post-secondary.
  • Licences: educators can choose between CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, CC-BY-NC, CC-BY-NC-SA.




  • Location: South Africa
  • Goal: to share free content, teacher support materials and knowledge relating to the South African school curriculum.
  • License: CC BY-SA
  • Subjects: Natural sciences, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Mathematics.




  • Goal: to promotes faculty and institutional sharing of online content
  • License: CC BY NC
  • Subjects: various




  • Goal: create collaboratively developed and maintained open educational resources that comprehensively cover the South African curriculum
  • License: CC-BY
  • Subjects: R-12 (K-12)

[edit]Tapped In



[edit]Teachers Without Borders

Teachers Without Borders

  • Launched: 2000
  • Goal: Teachers Without Borders supports teacher leaders, worldwide, with professional development opportunities and tools that connect them with information and each other so that they may play a more vital role in their communities. We focus on teachers with initiative, who are passionate about their subjects and compassionate towards children.
  • Our flagship program, The Certificate of Teaching Mastery (CTM), is a free, self-paced, peer- and mentor-supported teacher professional development program. It consists of five courses designed to help teachers improve their professional knowledge, classroom practice, and to become mentors and leaders both in their communities and globally through the online Teachers Without Borders social network and international initiatives. This self-driven and mentor-supervised program leads to a certificate and an e-Portfolio, allowing graduates to further their career goals and contribute their skills and expertise to global projects managed by Teachers Without Borders.
  • License: Creative Commons 3.0
  • Subjects: All, Teacher Education, Teacher Professional Development



  • Launched: November 2008
  • Goal: To create a free, user generated online library of ‘quality’ documents that allows individuals and organisations to easily publish, share and search for them. Documents on twidox are accessible to everyone online and will allow people to share their knowledge and help others with their work, learning, teaching and research.
  • License: Creative Commons
  • Subjects: All


[edit]We The Teachers


  • Launched: May 2006
  • Goal: To create a social website that allows seamless interaction and resource sharing between teachers. Also, to provide tools that "corporate-minded" websites/teachers have been charging money for...but for free!
  • License: none, controlled by submitting teachers
  • Subjects: All (prek-12)




  • Launched July 10, 2003
  • Goal: To create a free collection of open-content textbooks that anyone can edit
  • License: GNU Free Documentation License
  • Subjects: All




  • Launched: Officially May 2006
  • Goal: Turning the digital divide into digital dividends through free content and open networks.
  • Strategic Vision: To contribute to the development of a free version of the entire education curriculum by 2015
  • License: cc by-sa
  • Subjects: All subjects
  • Institution: Open Education Resources Foundation, Dunedin, New Zealand - previously Commonwealth of Learning
  • Brochure: For more information, download ....coming soon




  • Launched: March 2006
  • Goal: to help teachers of English as a second or foreign languages worldwide collaborate on lesson plans and best practice simply and effectively
  • License: cc by-sa
  • Subjects: English as a foreign or second language (EFL, ESL)




  • Currently hosted at Wikia http://wiki.wikia.com
  • Launched: November 2006
  • Goal: to share English teaching materials between participants of the JET Programme
  • License: GFDL
  • Subjects: TEFL materials suited for use by JET Programme participants, local information on Japanese towns and cities, information on JET events and the JET Programme itself.




  • License: cc-by 3.0 Czech Republic
  • Founded: November, 2008
  • Location: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Content Type(s): lectures
  • Subjects: medicine and related studies
  • Activity: 72 pages and growing
  • Languages: encs (wikiskripta.eu)




  • License: cc-by 3.0 Czech Republic
  • Founded: April, 2008
  • Location: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Content Type(s): lectures
  • Subjects: medicine and related studies
  • Activity: 2.250 pages and growing
  • Languages: csen (wikilectures.eu)




  • License: "share-alike full copyleft license"