Lesson: 07 Credibility

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  • Recognize the importance of credibility.
  • Assess for credibility.


  • Recognize the importance of credibility.
  • Assess for credibility.


  • Access to the websites needed for the activity.
  • Printouts of  Worksheet 6. (1 per 2-3 students).



1. Ask the students to recall what they remember from the discussion about credibility from Lesson 1.

2. Show students the Martin Luther King website.

3. Launch into a discussion regarding what students should look for to validate the credibility of a website. See the Worksheet for guidelines. Use these tools and other other strategies to research the credibility of the MLK website (you should uncover a surprising revelation about the site's author).

4. After this discussion break students up into groups of 2 -3 to perform the “Believe it or Not Activity”.

  • Give each group a copy of the activity page, which includes the guidelines forassessing site credibility.
  • Ask each group to summarize their findings, about the credibility assessment they just did.



Assessment Questions:

  • Do students understand how to assess a website for credibility?
  • Are students comfortable using search tools to validate the credibility of a website?

Connections to Standards:

Teacher Notes:

  • Review the credibility guidelines.
  • Be prepared to identify misinformation in lesson websites.
  • Preview the MLK website before going to it with your class. It has some material that might be objectionable and/or inappropriate for some classrooms.

Time needed to teach:

1 Session


Web search
Evaluating credibility, bias
Reading Activity


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