Lesson: 09 Anchor Task

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Students present their research in groups, and debate copyright issues from their separate, assigned perspectives.


Student role-based groups present research and debate copyright.


  • Whatever students need to present.
  • The presentation documents for each group.
  • A copy of the anchor task and the anchor task rubrics.



1. Summarize the Anchor Task (See Appendix 1) and the presentation order for the groups.

2. Panel members should lead this activity. They can ask each group to present their point of view based on their role.

3. After each group has finished presenting, allow time for questions.

4. Ask each group to submit a copy of the presentation and linkography.



Assessment Questions:

Refer to the anchor task rubrics, Appendix 2 for the assessment for this day's activities.

Connections to Standards:

Teacher Notes:


  • The panel should be in charge of this day. You should make sure they are prepared to lead the class through the task.
  • The presentation order for the groups should be set in advance if possible.
  • You may want to give students a work day or two between the previous lesson and this one.


Time needed to teach:

1 Session


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Evaluating credibility, bias
Online Collaboration
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