Lesson: 10 Anchor Task, Conclusion

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  • Summarize lessons from the unit.
  • Reflect on individual and group learning.


  • Whatever the panel needs to present.
  • The presentation documents for the panel.
  • A copy of a feedback sheet for the students.



1. Refresh some of the main points of the anchor task discussions from the previous lesson.

2. Ask the panel to present their point of view based on their own research and the presentations.

3. Allow time for Q&A between the other groups and the panel.

4. Summarize the anchor task discussions.

5. Reflect on the learning in this unit over the previous lessons.

6. Collect a copy of the presentation and the linkography from the panel.

7. Collect the reflection logs from each student.

8.     Conclusion.



Assessment Questions:

Please refer to the anchor task rubrics, Appendix 2 for the activities for this day.

Connections to Standards:

Teacher Notes:


Please allocate sufficient times for the Panel presentation, Q&A.

Please also allocate sufficient time to reflect with your students on the learning overthe unit.


Time needed to teach:

1 Session


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