Lesson: Restaurant Review 5: The Secret Life of the Food Critic

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Food critics are a lot like spies.  They go undercover — sometimes wearing disguises to keep from being recognized — and collect information to deliver to their bosses (in this case, the public).  Students generally have lots of questions about the job — for instance, how does one go about not getting fat on the job? This lesson give students some insight into what life is like under all that make-up. 


1.     To increase student understanding of the food criticism and the life of a food critic

2.     To help students glean insight into the task they’re about to take on



1.     Access to the following articles:



  1. Read one or more of the above-listed articles, out-loud in class, depending on teacher preference.
  2. Discuss:  “What did you learn about the life of the restaurant reviewer that you didn’t know before?”
  3. Discuss:  “What tips did you learn that you intend to incorporate into your own restaurant reviewing?”



The readings for this lesson may be assigned as homework, and the Discussion questions noted above could also be assigned for a written homework response.

Assessment Questions:

  1. Are students motivated to proceed with the rest of the unit?
  2. Do students have an increasingly confident view of how they might write and publish their own reviews?
  3. Did they pick up any tips?  Did they have their key questions answered?


Connections to Standards:

Teacher Notes:

1.     As interesting as these articles are, they describe the lives of some high-end food critics with whom your students may not relate. You may have access to your own texts that might be more appropriate for your audience.


Time needed to teach:

1 Session


Reading Activity


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