Lesson: Restaurant Review 8: Writing the Review

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All the pieces are in place.  Students have their restaurant observations; they have the know-how; now, can they put it all together? 


1.     To check in with students after their meals and share battle stories — What can some students’ experiences teach others who may not have attended their meal yet.

2.     To review criteria for good reviews

3.     To write a restaurant review



1.     Appendix G:  Restaurant review rubric

2.     Students may want to keep their deconstructed restaurant reviews and sample reviews as guides.



  1. Review Appendix G:  Restaurant review rubric with students.
  2. Assign students to write their reviews, at home or in-class, breaking the writing up into segments as per teacher preference. Each student is to write his or her own review, being sure to pay attention to criteria discussed in class, noting in particular the conventions that used in reviews published in the students’ target publications.
  3. One or more rounds of peer editing can be useful at this stage, depending on teacher preference.
  4. Once students have received feedback from peers and their instructor and have made all requested revisions (perhaps several rounds of them?), they should be encouraged to publish their work in their target publications or websites.



Students may write their reviews at home or in class, depending on teacher preference.

Assessment Questions:

  1. Evaluate student reviews using Appendix G:  Restaurant review rubric.


Connections to Standards:

Teacher Notes:

Time needed to teach:

1 Session



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