Lesson: Film review 2: Understanding the market for film reviews

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Before undertaking a publishing project, a writer must understand his/her target market.  To that end, this lesson is designed to help students understand their options as they begin to contemplate researching and writing a film review. Unlike the restaurant review market, with film reviews, there is no local market – only a national (or even international) one. 


1.     To teach students about the film review market, learning and applying a new round of search skills.

2.     To have students understand that market and begin to get a sense of how they might use their own critical thinking skills to participate in it.

3.     Revisiting the "bias" activity from the "Web Search, Copyright, Credibility & Bias" Module) to explore hidden assumptions of Web sites.



1.     Reviews Worksheet 3: Exploring the Film Review Market

2.     Worksheet 7 (from "Web Search, Copyright, Credibility & Bias" Module): “Bias Activity”



  1. Work through Reviews Worksheet 3: Exploring the Film Review Market
  2. Discuss:  “There are two kinds of reviews — those volunteered by members of the public and those produced by professional, paid reviewers.  How do you see these two groups competing (and interacting) in the Websites you’ve visited?” (Some instructors at this point may wish to ask students to review Worksheet 7 (from "Web Search, Copyright, Credibility & Bias" Module): “Bias Activity” as a way to explore the hidden assumptions behind these Web sites.
  3. Discuss:  “How would you describe the film review scene?  Active?  Sparse?”
  4. Discuss:  “Can you imagine inserting your own film reviews into this market?  How?  What would be the best route? Which site would you choose and why?”
  5. What are the pros and cons of targeting your review for a local print news publication vs. a website?



Students might be asked to work through Reviews Worksheet 3: Exploring the Film Review Market as homework.

Assessment Questions:

  1. Are students motivated to proceed with the rest of the unit?
  2. Do students have an increasingly confident view of how they might write and publish their own reviews?
  3. Do students understand the pros/cons of their different publishing options?


Connections to Standards:

Teacher Notes:

Time needed to teach:

1 Session


Web search
Evaluating credibility, bias
Reading Activity


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