Lesson: News 2: Invitation to the press conferee

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  • In a world of texting and instant messaging, many students are so accustomed to informal forms of written communication that they don’t think about formal, professional communication.  Netiquette is the term used to describe etiquette for online conversation. This lesson is designed to bump up students’ understanding of how to communicate more professionally online and to encourage them to do so.  


  • Introduce the difference between formal and informal writing.
  • Practice student letter-writing skills
  • Improve student etiquette in Web correspondence, with an eye to college and professional readiness.
  • Make progress toward anchor task press conference  










  1. Explain to students that you would like to invite a public figure to come to the class for a press conference, and you would like the students to write the letter making the invitation.
  2. Discuss student experiences in miscommunication between students and adults, experience with netiquette or lack of it, and of miscommunication on the Web, focusing on the concept of flaming and the lack of tone in email and other Web correspondence.
  3. Worksheet 2:  Netiquette guidelines.
  4. Ask student working in groups of three to four to take the Poor-Netiquette letter in Appendix 2 and revise it, possibly collaborating on a online group space to help complete this task. (Use Appendix 1 as its counter-point — a model for teacher and/or student use.) (Consult Appendix 4 (from the Web Search, Copyright, Credibility & Bias Module): "Creating Online Group Space" )
  5. Once students in small groups have their letter complete, ask all staff members to collaborate to make a single, perfect letter – and then send it.



The collaboration noted in #4 above could be completed as homework.

Assessment Questions:

  • Do students understand the improvements in the final invitation letter compared to the initial invitation letter?
  • Do they feel better prepared to communicate in the professional world?



Connections to Standards:

Teacher Notes:

Time needed to teach:

1 Session


Web search
Online Collaboration
Reading Activity
Writing Activity


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