Lesson: 04 Web Search Part 3

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Sometimes the most pertinent information in a given search can only be found by searching indirectly for that information. For example, information about public health standards is easier to find by searching for public health organizations, rather than by searching for the standards themselves. This 'hidden' information is called the "Deep Web," and is an important part of any advanced search strategy. This lesson will give students both the tools and the conceptual understanding necessary to begin to access deeper information.



  • Introduce search tools.
  • Understand that not all information on the Internet can be found directly ("Deep Web").



Printouts of the Activity Worksheet 4, Scavenger Hunt Activity (1 per 2-3 students).



1. Discuss the basic and extended search tools. See Appendix 11, Search Tools

2. Discuss the concepts of visible and deep web. See Appendix 12.

3. Launch into an activity. Ask students to generate a list of sources for the deep web.

4. Launch into the Scavenger Hunt activity.

  • Divide the students up into teams of 2 – 3.
  • Give each group a copy of the  Worksheet.
  • Summarize the findings once the activity is over.



Assessment Questions:


  • Are the students using the search tools in the construction of their queries?
  • Do students understand the concept of Deep Web?
  • Do the students have an initial understanding of web search strategies (query
  • construction and reading the search query results page)?


Connections to Standards:

Teacher Notes:


  • You should familiarize yourself with the search tools, and their usage. You should also look up the concepts of Visible and Deep Web in Appendix 12, and understand them before you introduce them in class.
  • This lesson is a good opportunity to remind students that they can often find more detailed and useful information by searching off-line, at the library, for example.
  • This is the final lesson about Web search, so it is important that students are demonstrating meaningful understanding of the concepts covered in the first four lessons. Moving forward, students will use the skills and concepts developed thus far.


Time needed to teach:

1 Session


Web search


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