Lesson: Getting Started

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All students are opinionated.  It starts when they are two years old and intensifies as become teenagers.  This is a can be a problem for teachers but it can also be an asset. As long as teachers let students write about something of interest to them, they will like to write.   One good way to get them excited is to bring in some newspaper articles.  Students can either pick up some free papers; teachers can project some news websites or copy some articles.   


The main objective is to get a good discussion going about a topic of interest to teenagers.  Most kids are concerned about one of the following: friends, appearance, homework, teachers, parental behavior, the opposite sex, sports, clothing, etc.  


Pick one of the following:

1. local newspapers

2. articles from website or local newspaper

3. articles from magazines


1. Ask students to find some articles of interest to them 

2. Have the students read it aloud or silently depending on the group.

3. Discuss the article

4. Ask students to respond to the article

5 One way to respond is in teams of two.



1. Ask students to write the opinion article together with one other student

2. Ask students to use Google Docs to collaborate online from home

3. Have students print and share their articles with the class


Assessment Questions:

Connections to Standards:

Teacher Notes:

Time needed to teach:

1 Session


Web search
Reading Activity
Writing Activity


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