Lesson: News 21--video lessons

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Revitalizing Journalism Education http://news21.com/

A national initiative led by 12 of America’s leading research universities with the support of two major foundations will advance the U.S. news business by helping revitalize schools of journalism.

The universities will take advantage of the riches of their institutions by integrating the schools of journalism more closely with the entire campus in an effort to better teach, challenge and prepare the next generation of news industry leaders for an increasingly complex world. The initiative will experiment with curriculum and hands-on experience with the hope of creating a national conversation with other schools across the country.

The Carnegie-Knight Initiative involves three distinct efforts:

  1. Curriculum Enrichment that will integrate the schools of journalism more deeply into the life of the university.
  2. News21 Incubators: annual national investigative reporting projects overseen by campus professors and distributed nationally through both traditional and innovative media.
  3. The Carnegie-Knight Task Force, focusing on research and creating a platform for educators to speak on policy and journalism education issues.





The objective is to get student to pay attention to the news and learn how to write news.


Teachers will need a projector and an Internet connection



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