WorkSheet 1 Credibility

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Activity Worksheet 1: Credibility Activity

For this activity, find an article or articles from your local paper about a current event. Alternatively, you may show the following videos or articles to your students. Then give each group a copy of this worksheet and ask them to write down their discussion points on it.


Click here to go to the blog and find some more ideas about this activity. Here are some credibility critique guidelines you may want to follow:


  • What is the origin of this article ?
  • Is the source known to you ?
  • Is the purpose of the article clear ?
  • What are some if any of the underlying assumptions here ?
  • Are there any errors in the facts presented to you ?
  • Have the facts been interpreted correctly ? (You will often see people mis-interpret the facts of others).
  • Have any of the ideas been over or under emphasized ?
  • Is the article objective ? Do you see any obvious biases ?
  • Are the arguments logical ?
  • Is there sufficient valid evidence in the article to support the channel's point of view?
  • Are there other articles, people or discussions that are influencing your own point of view while critiquing this particular article ?
  • What causes you to believe or not believe the content in this article ?


Discussion Points: