Searching for Online Personality Features

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Personality Feature
Searching Online for Personality Features (Profiles) as Examples 
One important and fun activity is to search online for personality features to use as models.
They are hard to find, but it is important not to confuse a personality feature or profile with an obituary.   

An obituary is written after someone dies and a personality feature is about someone who is alive.  Usually they are written about someone who has done something special; it can be something small or something important.   Below are the top results for personality feature  search for President Obama. You might want to use the term “profile” instead of “feature” for searching

When you type in your search terms, notice that you also get several tadditional suggestions for searches below the box.  It might be interesting to try some of the recommended searches as well as the one you put in the search box.
Copy in the blanks below three of the URLs of the personality features you found that you liked.
Name of the person in interview__________________________________________________________

Name of the person in interview___________________________________________________________

Name of the person in interview___________________________________________________________
Here are some good examples of student written personality features.
List some of the ideas you got for your own personality feature (profile) by reading some others online.