News Worksheet 1: The Public Figure and the Press Conference

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 This activity is designed to familiarize you with the concept of a public figures and press conferences, which will be relevant to your classroom activities in the coming weeks



Step 1:       Using a search engine, look up and read several definitions for the term “public figure.”  In your own words, write your own definition of a public figure here:





Step 2:       Find a press conference online,  ideally one with a video and transcript of the same event.  An easy place to find a press conference is on Web sites public officials such as the president of the United States. (At, under the “Press Briefings” link, you’ll find press conferences involving the president’s press secretary.  Under the “Speeches and Remarks” link you’ll find the president talking and sometimes answering questions from the press – which is what you want.)


Step 3:       Describe the press conference you reviewed:









Step 4:       Answer the following questions:



a.       How are press conferences organized?  What comes first?  Second?   How do they end?




b.       Whose purposes are served by a press conference?




c.       How can you tell if a press conference has been successful for the person delivering the press conference?  How can you tell if



d.       Public figures are usually the ones who give press conferences.  Under what circumstances would a private person give one?  (And would they continue to be private once after the press conference?)