News Worksheet 2: Netiquette guidelines

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There are hundreds of sets of netiquette rules available online. The most comprehensive — albeit not necessarily the most user-friendly — is the online version of the book Netiquette by Virginia Shea, published by Albion Books.  You can find it here:

But the issue has become such an integral issue in our online communication that it finds its way frequently into the press.  As an alternative to Shea’s work above, consider reading a few of the following articles from The New York Times. 


‘Yours Truly,’ the E-Variations


Stop rampant, idiotic misuse of e-mail protocols and netiquette.


Care to Comment? Considering Internet Discussion Protocol


The Top 10 Reasons We Deleted Your Comment 


Civil Discourse, Meet the Internet


The Self-Appointed Twitter Scolds 


Which of the above do you find most relevant to your own online communications habits?  Which do you think will be most useful to you as you craft your upcoming formal correspondences as part of this unit?  In particular, identify three new ways you will improve your own netiquette after reviewing the links above.  Please list those way  here: