News Worksheet 5A + 5B TEACHER'S MANUAL

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Worksheet 5A:  Defining the modern news story (by looking at an old one)



A.  Here are some of the differences students are likely to notice (and which need to be brought out in discussion before proceeding beyond this point):



1857 News Story

Contemporary News Story

1.     Sentences are relatively long

1.     Sentences are relatively short

2.     Diction and syntax are archaic

2.     Simple diction and modern syntax (active voice) to appeal to as many readers as possible.

3.     Has unattributed opinion

3.     Free of unattributed opinion

4.     Story is told chronologically, with suspense, until the climax

4.     Story moves from most important detail to least important detail, also generally from most recent to least recent (Note: some portions in the middle may be told chronologically.); climax appears in first sentence.

5.     May include unfamiliar proper nouns in first sentence

5.     No unfamiliar proper nouns in first sentence

6.     Uses courtesy titles (Mr., Mrs., etc.)

6.     Does not use courtesy titles