Reviews Worksheet 4: Zooming in on your Target Film

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1.              Choose potential group members and list them here:


A.  ___________  B. ____________   C.  ____________ D. _____________


2.              Find a listing on any of the websites from Worksheet 1 for “upcoming” films playing at cinemas in your area — the closer you get to seeing the movie on its release date the better.  In most cases, you’ll be looking for “wide release” films.  Indicate your top two choice here:


A.            _________________________________________________


o      PLAYING WHERE?  __________________________


o      WHEN MIGHT YOU SEE IT? ____________________


B.             I prefer a DVD supplied by my teacher.         YES       NO


(Note: You must legally be able to see the movie, so pay attention to ratings.)


3.              Confirm group members, decide on a film to review, pick a time and place to meet.  Exchange phone numbers to assist in coordination.


4.              Once your film choice is approved by your instructor, divide up the task of conducting background research on the following topics, listing the names of those responsible here:


A.            Director:                ________________________________________

B.             Leading actor 1:     ________________________________________

C.             Leading actor 1:     ________________________________________

D.            Screen writer:        ________________________________________

E.             Cinematographer:   _______________________________________

F.             Other (animator?)   _______________________________________

G.            Other _________    _______________________________________

H.            Other _________    _______________________________________


Scour the Web — starting with the site for the production studio of the film you’re reviewing — for background information. Important:  While you’re scouring, avoid reading other reviews of the movie you’re going to see.  You don’t want to bias yourself.


5.              Share copies of your research with your group before you see the film.