News Worksheet 6B: Lead-Writing Exercise: Writing in Active Voice TEACHER'S MANUAL

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1.     PASSIVE  The strawberries were picked at their peak of ripeness.


Rewrite: We (or any other subject) picked the strawberries at their peak of ripeness.


2.     ACTIVE    Prince Evan will lead the procession.


3.     PASSIVE  A peck of peppers were eaten by Peter Piper.


Rewrite:  Peter Piper ate a peck of pickled peppers.


4.     ACTIVE    Using his battle axe, Clyde smote the approaching goblins.


5.     ACTIVE    Jenny wrinkled her nose when she ate the soup.


6.     PASSIVE  I was flustered by my seeming inability to get a good grade in her class.


                       Rewrite: My seeming inability to get a good grade in her class flustered me.


7.     ACTIVE    The ball whooshed by the goalie’s outstretched fingers.


8.     PASSIVE  The salad dressing was comprised of oil, vinegar, mustard and honey.


Rewrite: Oil, vinegar, mustard and honey comprised the salad.