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This was the actual coyote story published in The New York Times on March 26, 2010.


Coyote Bound for Undisclosed Location



The female coyote who was captured Thursday after roaming the streets of Lower Manhattan is resting comfortably at a shelter uptown, but where she is headed next is a secret.

Officials at the parks department refused to say Friday where in the city they intend to release her.

The city wants to prevent people from harassing the 30-pound coyote in her search for a more suitable habitat, said Vickie Karp, a spokeswoman for the department.

“We pick the largest and most suitable natural habitat for the coyote,” Ms. Karp said. “And for the sake of people, we’ll put the coyote somewhere with plenty of open space so people don’t have to say, ‘You parked him in front of my house.’”

The coyote is being monitored at the Animal Care and Control shelter on East 110th Street, parks officials said, adding that they did not know when she would be released.

By law, coyotes captured in the city must be released within the five boroughs. A coyote captured uptown in January was set loose in Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx.

With the increase in coyote sightings in the past few years, several New York agencies have been working together to develop a plan on managing the population, said Kevin Jeffrey, a deputy parks commissioner.