Worksheet 6 Believe It or Not

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Activity Worksheet 7: Believe it or Not Activity



Each group should look at some or all of the following websites and questions as time permits and assess them for credibility. You may want to click here to refer to the lesson in the blog to directly click on the websites used for this activity.



1. DHMO Scare


2. The Egg Came First


3. Save The Tree Octopus


4. Victorian Era Robots


5. Petrol Direct


Link not work? Go to this address:



Tools you can use to determine a website’s credibility:


1. Check links pointing TO the page:

‣ use: [ link: ], e.g [ ]



2.Check the page and site on use:

‣ – look on the “Site overview” and “Traffic” 3. Check links pointing OUT from the page:

‣ use:



Questions you can ask to determine a website’s credibility:


1. The URL (Is it from a place you’ve heard of before?)


2. Type of page (Is it someone’s personal page? e.g., Geocities,


3. Type of domain (.edu is more believable than many others)


4. Where (Is it hosted in another country? e.g.,


5. Check the “About” section. (Is the web page affiliated with a place you’ve heard?)


6. Is there a date and author?


7. Look up the author or the organization in Google (usually need to use double quotes)


8. Why was the page put on the web? (to inform?, to convince? who's point of view?)


9. Look for links pointing to and away from a page [link:].




Discussion Points: