Worksheet 7 Bias

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Activity Worksheet 8: Bias Activity


You may either pick an article from the front page of one of the following news websites mention on the blog or ask your students to look at the home page of a few of these websites and see the front page news articles. Click here to see a list of some news websites.


Based on this discuss in your group any possible biases you see in the article or between the sites themselves. Be sure to check out the guidelines below, to aid in your discussion.


Guidelines for Bias Discussion Activity:

1. What is the origin of this article ? Is the source known to you ?


2. Is the purpose of the article clear ?


3. Does the source seem to have a hidden agenda ?


4. Is the point of view of the source narrow ? Is it objective ?

5. Does the source discuss other points of view ? Do they distort or dismiss some other points of view ?


6. Does the source accept advertising revenue for the article ? Does this revenue bias their information ?


7. Does the source have certain interests, or alignments which come to light in this article ?


8. Do they receive financial compensation for a particular point of view ?



 Discussion Points: