Resource: EdSurge Summit 2013 Tools for the Classroom

Thirty companies offering curriculum products, classroom tools, admin tools and more were selected by a panel of teachers and edtech coordinators.

Tool for teachers to develop professional learning plans and for admins to evaluate teachers

Clarity (BrightBytes)
Gathers and analyzes data to guide edtech spending and measure impact on achievement 
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Tracks student behavior and offers virtual incentives

Interactive whiteboard and screencast recording app for iPads allows hand drawn graphics 
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Administrative and data management tools for teachers of English Language Learners 
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Develops custom playlists of eBooks, games, videos and learning materials for the iPad

Products for 21st Century skills and knowledge: financial and digital literacy, civics, more 
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Classroom and feedback system that works on any wifi-enabled smartphone or tablet. 
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FineTune (AcademicMerit)
Professional Development tool that trains teachers to understand the common core standards for writing. 
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Blended-learning courses and platform that teach students to design and code educational games 
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Manages reading assignments, allowing teachers to integrate media & quizzes into ebooks 
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Hapara Teacher Dashboard
Teacher dashboard for Google Apps in school for integrated experience/effective workflow

ObserverNet (Insight Education Group)
Teacher development tool in which third party coaches give feedback on classroom video

iResult Impact Management Solution
Student data gathering and analytics tool that pulls info from schools, nonprofits, and community programs 
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Video lesson library with accompanying creation tools and sharing of student assignments

Adaptive math program assesses strengths and weaknesses and personalizes the curriculum 
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Automated online math tutoring and analytics tool for 6th-9th grade students 
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Provides universal API so developers can easily build apps to connect with schools' SIS

Online games/exercises to improve core cognitive abilities and boost mental performance 
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Motion Math
Suite of learning games fostering an intuitive sense of math in players 
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News stories written to multiple levels of text complexity, embedded assessments and reporting tools 
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Teacher created writing app generates quizzes based on student interests & skill needs

Ponder (Ponder Labs)
Browser Add-on that measures reading activity and promotes understanding and sharing 
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Reading Kingdom (Mojo Learning)
Researched-based, online reading and writing instruction program for K-3 students 
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Cloud-based filtering for schools. Can also cover mobile devices that students bring home

Online flashcard, quizzes and study guide creator and sharing network for students 
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A web-based adaptive math program that complements math concepts taught by teachers. It offers integrated math practice, instruction assessment, and intervention to improve student outcomes

The Answer Pad
Multi-platform BYOD student dialogue system that focuses on real-time assessments

CCSS aligned lessons focused on teaching argumentation and critical thinking skills 
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Video editing tool that lets teachers add images, quizzes, and discussions to instructional videos 
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