Resource: Blended Learning Resources

Week 1 resources 

Christensen Institute’s Definition of Blended Learning 

Christensen Institute’s Blended Learning Universe  

  iNACOL and MetisNet  "When Success is the Only Option:  Designing Competency-Based Pathways for Next Generation Learning" 

Week 2 resources

Paul Tough on non-cognitive skills: &

Forbes Magazine.  "What Education Can Learn from Kung Fu."

Chicago Consortium of School Research: 
Dell Foundation.  Summit Public Schools Case Study

Week 3 resources
Aspire Public Schools' Blended Learning 101 Handbook
Whole Brain Teaching: 

Week 4 resources 

Research on the summer slide:

Alexander, K. L., Entwisle, D., & Olson, L. (2007). Lasting consequences of the summer learning gap. American Sociological Review, 72, 167–180.

 McCombs, J. S., Augustine, C. H., Schwartz, H. L., Bodilly, S. J., McInnis, B., Lichter, D. S., & Cross, A. B. (2011). Making summer count: How summer programs can boost students' learning. Santa Monica, CA: RAND. Retrieved from


Research on class size:

“What the Class Size Research Really Says.” National Education Writers Association.

Hanushek, Eric A.  Some Findings from an Independent Investigation of the Tennessee STAR Experiment and Other Investigations of Class Size Effects.”  American Educational Research Association  

Sustained Inquiry in Education: Lessons from Skill Grouping and Class Size 

Public Impact, “Opportunity Culture” monographs and videos: