Resource: 10 Great Google Tips 2015

Teach with Hangouts


One of the most splendid options available with Google+ is the hangout. As a teacher you can successfully plan lessons using this feature. With this, students across the globe can gain benefits of your teaching practices.



Research with Sparks


The feature Sparks available with Google+ helps in researching the various topics that might interest your class. You can get to know what topic you should teach, and what you should avoid teaching with this feature.


Connect with Circles


If you want to connect, and communicate with your students, share resources and exchange notes, there is no better feature than circles for Google+ teachers


Track with Circles


Parents of students don’t need to feel left out on what’s happening at the school. Successful teachers will update the information and the parents can monitor using circles. This is an enticing way of staying connected with the system


Cross Platform Updates


Successful teachers harness the potential of education technology. They know exactly how to interact with students and parents by combining the multiple platforms. With the crossposting updates, you can post updates across multiple platforms.


Share Google Reader


Google Reader is an excellent platform that allows you to subscribe to relevant contents. Allow your students to access Google reader and find out the content you have subscribed to, and use them in case it is relevant.


Easy to Add Media


With Google+ it is indeed very easy to add media. All you need is a single click, drag and drop and your media is ready to go


Lessons with Video Chat


You can conduct lessons using video chat. This is indeed one of the best tools of Google+ that successful teachers can reap benefits with.


Select Who Can See Your Message


This is an option that’s available with Google+. This means only the network of students on your profile will get to see certain lesson related updates. This is an interesting feature for teachers growing with Google+


Instant Upload


This is another feature made available with Google+. With this feature teachers can share contents easily and instantly. Anything from photos, documents to videos can be shared easily in this manner.