Resource: Best 36 Social Networks for Educators



Top social networking sites which I assume you already know:  Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Diigo and Wizig.  Below is a list of all the others


  1- Classroom 2.0 



 the social network for those interested in Web 2.0 and collaborative technologies in education. Classroom 2.0 is a free, community-supported network.






dedicated to helping schools transition freshmen into successful high school students






   A community of educators interested in developing better pedagogy with IWBs .






   where educators and students discuss online and face-to-face instruction and learning ideas.




   5-  Edutopia 



   A community of 45,000+ teachers, administrators, parents, and individuals passionate fo  change in education (located on




   6- Teachers 2.0 



   Teaching in the digital age.







A network of educator message boards, divided by interest group, areas of s specialization, grade level, and social interests. Monthy newsletters, Harry WOng exclusive    articles, and live chats with fellow educators make this network a worthwhile boo





 Popular community with discussions and pedagogical resources.





Great resources for educators.






This is a social networking website that makes is easy for anyone in the education community to connect with peers, share information and best practices, spread innovative ideas, and provide professional development.



   11-  EdtechLeaders 



This is for teachers who participated in an online Web 2.0 course provided by the MA Dep of Ed and EDC. The resources in this ning are open to anyone and all are welcome to join



   12- Global Classroom 



A social network of students, teachers and adult learners who want access to education and top educators across the globe. Providing free online classrooms for Teachers in order to integrate the internet into today's classrooms. 




This an open group for people who develop instructional materials.