Resource: PBS Resources for Teachers

Arthur's Guide to Media Literacy 
Enjoy this collection of lessons that use a different ARTHUR episode to launch a guided discussion and classroom activities based on a media literacy theme.

NewsHour EXTRA: Media 
Find news stories and resources on media-related topics that have been designed especially for students. Be sure to spend some time in the Student Voices section, where your students can read editorials and essays written by other students offering their unique outlooks and perspectives on current issues and events. Student Reporting Labs Student Reporting Labs is an experiment that connects high school students to local PBS stations and news professionals in their community. The young people who created these videos are learning how to report, synthesize information and investigate important topics: journalism as a form of learning and teaching.

PBS Parents Guide to Children and Media 
Discover how TV, movies, advertising, computers and video games can shape a child's development and what you can do to create a media-literate environment.

PBS TeacherLine® 
Provides high-quality, affordably priced professional development for graduate credit and recertification through more than 130 courses that span the entire preK-12 curriculum. Courses include the PBS TeacherLine/ISTE Capstone Certificate Program which leads to recognized certification in technology integration.

FRONTLINE: Growing Up Online 
At school, teachers are trying to figure out how to reach a generation that no longer reads books or newspapers. Just how radically is the Internet transforming the experience of childhood?

FRONTLINE: Digital Nation 
Watch this Frontline series on the web as it explores what it means to be human in a 21st Century digital world.